Rehabilitation Process

Our rehabilitation process:

Phase I: Days 0-30; quarantine, the veterinarian comes out for vaccines and the initial assessment, teeth are done if needed (almost always do), they have their first farrier visit and an opportunity to move in, and just be a horse.  A lot, if not most, of the horses do not make it out of phase I in 30 days.  They are emaciated, sick, not sound, need extensive farrier care, or extensive dental work.  We have so many horses that have been thrown away that are rideable, sweet, perfect and wonderful because of bad teeth.  This period costs on average; $400-600 per horse depending on what is needed.

Phase II: Days 31-60; if the horse is ready to move from Phase I, we begin evaluating the horse for rideability.  This usually includes evaluating soundness and a determination of what each specific horse is most capable of and best suited for.  For horses not yet under saddle, this is when we begin ground work and preparing them for a career.  Generally, by day 60 we begin advertising them for adoption based on our known facts and information of the horse.  The average cos at this phase $1000 per horse.

Phase III: Days 60 and beyond; we have babies and green horses with us over a year to those that just need a refresher and are adopted quickly.  We continue to fine tune the horse’s ability and define their specific job. 

Average cost; $1000 – $5000