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We give at-risk horses a second chance at a forever home.

Horse Rescue of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Toano, VA.  Our organization was founded to give at-risk horses a second chance at a forever home.  We specialize in rehabilitation and training, with a focus on horses that have the potential to be your perfect riding companion.  We also usually have at least one perfect companion horse, mule, or donkey available for adoption. 

With a focus on rehabilitation of horses with ride-ability.  We are not a long-term retirement home.  We work with other rescues with a charter focused on retirement.  If you are looking for a safe place for your horse to land, even if they are not ride-able, please reach out.  We will work with you to ensure they do not end up at an auction or a kill-pen. 

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Because of donors like you, we found safe solutions through Horse Rescue of Virginia. Together we are changing horses’ lives. Be the difference for these magnificent animals today. Your donation is tax deductible.


We are a community resource for connecting horses in need with people who can help them


A farm visit is required, we can and have completed a farm visit virtually via video and pictures.  If the farm visit is not conducted in person a reputable equine veterinarian will be required to validate the video and/or pictures.


An equine veterinary reference is required. 

The adopter must provide proper feed/fresh water, shelter, turn-out, farrier, and veterinary care for the horse.  No barbed wire fencing will be approved.

The adopter agrees not to sell or transfer ownership without expressed permission.  If the adopter cannot continue to provide care and shelter for the horse, ownership will revert back to HRV.


HRV reserves the right to inspect any facility where the horse is being stabled, and will take possession if the horse is determined to be abused or neglected.  The adopter is required to report if the horse is moved to a new facility.

Additional Q&A about adopting:

How do I get approved?

You must have pre-approval to view a horse, but pre-approval is simple! Email horserescueofvirginia@gmail.com with pictures of your farm, please include fencing, stable/runin, water location and overall pasture pictures, from there you will receive a pre-approval reply and you can schedule a visit to see one of our horses. If you have been following our page and haven’t found the one, it is okay to submit for pre-approval in the event your match arrives. We are not breed, gait, or age specific here… we get anything in need!

Can I board a horse adopted from HRV?

We do allow our horses to be adopted to people who plan to board.  The facility would need to allow us to do a farm visit to approve the adoption, but most reputable stables have no problem with a non-profit horse rescue touring their facility.

I’ve been out of horses a while and do not currently have an equine veterinarian, how can I proceed with adoption?

All of our rescues are up to date on vaccines, teeth, farrier, and are on a de-worming program.  You will have time before your next equine veterinarian appointment.  We will accept, finding one and being added as a new client.  We will follow-up with the veterinarian.  

Can I breed the horse I adopted?

This is on a case-by-case basis.  If you plan to breed the horse please inquire and request approval.  As an example, we occasionally receive registered mares who would make ideal broodmares.  This is especially true if their riding career has come to an end due to an injury.   

The People Behind the Cause

Every one in our team is devoted to caring for horses that are in need.

Nichole Gohman


Chris Allen